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2011 AHC & CE Schedule

The 2011 AHC & CE schedule is now available.  A printable Adobe Acrobat Reader version of the schedule can be downloaded here. The Winnipeg Emperors will be playing a minimum of 5 games in Toronto.

Game 1 – Friday May 20th vs. Wellcare Pharmacy Flyers (RINK 5) at 10pm.

Game 2 – Saturday May 21st vs.  Zero Fighters (RINK 5) at 1pm.

Game 3- Saturday May 21st vs. Gong Hei Phat Boyz (Rink 1) at 5pm.

Game 4- Sunday May 22nd vs. Ancient Chinese Secret (Rink 1) at 9am.

Playoffs on Sunday afternoon at either 1pm or 1:15pm depending on round robin results.

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Final Roster

Happy to announce our final roster that is coming out with us to Toronto next week!


#33 Jeremy Choy


#2 Mike Dela Cruz
#3 Sel Tse
#5 Ron Cantiveros
#10 Hugh Hull
#11 Ryan Tsang
#12 Ron Guinto
#18 Stanley Eng
#22 Sean O’Neil
#28 Vinh Nguyen
#34 William Au
#83 Lou Chang
#97 Roby Yeung


#7 Allan Chan
#8 Alvin Yambao
#77 Vinh Huynh
#12 Ron Guinto

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