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Winnipeg Emperors Evaluation skate – Open Invite – Saturday, Nov.19th – 8:30pm

As we embark on a new season to prep for the 2012 Asian Hockey Champions in Toronto, ON during May long weekend there has been a recent surge of Asian Hockey players in Winnipeg. This is evidenced by the groups of players found at Nobby’s Friday night skates at Dutton and Tommy Dao’s skates on Tues/Thurs nights. With this increase in Asian descent players there has been more interest in the Winnipeg Emperors hockey club.

Because of this increased interest we will be holding an evaluation skate to see if the hockey club carries the same roster as last year with some additions or if there is enough players to split the squad into 2.

General rules is that teams in this tournament are to be of asian descent or 1/4 asian descent with 2 imports allowed (aka the Hugh rule)

The Winnipeg Emperors will be holding an open invitation for any players wishing to play on the 2012 roster in Toronto on Saturday, November 19th at 8:30pm at the MTS ICEPLEX. This will be the only evaluation skate as from here we will be moving forward for 2012. The goal is to include every player that wants to play for the Emperors and every attempt will be made at doing so.

For new comers interested in costs, it is about a bit under $1000/player after jerseys, team registration, flights, hotels and van rentals.

All info for the 2012 Asian Hockey Championshps can be found here:

Please reply to Allan at if you are attending. Cost is $10/person for this skate.

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