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2013 Winnipeg Emperors Hockey Club Season Summary

For 2013 the club expanded to 3 squads!

A Squad

This squad competed in the Upper Intermediate division of the Asian Hockey Championships tournament. This year’s squad consisted of:

Forwards: Richard Mao, Scott Yeung, Liam O’Neil, Eoghan O’Neil, Hugh Hull, Sean O’Neil, Jomar Masesar, Rob Woo
Defence: Allan Chan, Aaron Lam, Darrel Lorbis, Lawerence Chang
Goalie: Mark Galang

Game 1: Win vs. GenerAsians: 7-4.
Game 2: Win vs. Homer Hawks 4-0
Game 3: Tie vs. Noodles and a Meatball 2-2.
Semi Final: Win vs. Noodles and a Meatball 4-1.
Championship Final: Win vs. Just Ask Sammy 8-4.

This squad welcomed 1st timers Rob Woo and Eoghan O’Neil brother of Sean and Liam O’Neil. Rob Woo had actually broken his ankle and was cleared to play 1 week before the tournament started. The new additions gave A squad a balanced team of 2 way forwards who could skate, score and play a strong 200 foot game. On the back end Mark Galang kept things calm when things got tense by making even the hardest saves look easy with his relaxed demeanour. The team received a scare when they tied a team comprised mainly of 17 & 18 year olds called Noodles and a Meatball in game 3. They would meet again the next morning in the semi finals. Drawing from the experience of their last year’s loss to another 17&18 year old team Arashi Jr, Squad A came out and never took their foot off the gas after they lead playing a physical game that walked on the thin line of not being called for penalties.

The championship finals saw Squad B, Squad C and family members fill up one side of the stands to cheer Squad A. Squad A drew from this energy which was very similar to the rowdy Winnipeg Jets fans experience. There was booing of the opposition’s best player, a wave and friendly chirps with the officials. After Squad A got the 1st goal a huge cheer erupted and Just Ask Sammy became deflated as Squad A started to pull away. Rob Woo was a strong leader during this came leaving nothing behind and asking his teammates to do the same. As the clock wound down, Squad A handily defeats Just Ask Sammy by a score of 8-4 to win their first Asian Hockey Championships!

B Squad

Forwards: Sel Tse, Gary Ma, Stanley Eng, Vinh Nguyen, Ryan Tsang, Kim Tsang, Ron Cantiveros, Ryan Murray
Defence: Mike De La Cruz, Joey, Travis Takecuchi, Vinh Huynh
Goalie: Anthony Battad

C Squad

Forwards: Tommy Dao, Shawn Masesar, Jo Ang, Mike Koehler, Henry Tat, Phil Tat, Garrett Wong

Defence: Glen Henson, Billy Phantha, Nathan Kowalski, Reynold Benzinga

Squad B competed in the Lower Recreational division and Squad C in the Entry Level division respectively. With the exponential growth and new players coming into the club as well as the return of some veterans from previous years, both squads made it to the semi finals of their divisional playoffs.

The focus now shifts to the 25th Anniversary of Asian Hockey Championships which takes place May 16-18, 2014 in Toronto, ON. The club will hold an evaluation skate for all those interested in participating in November.

If you are interested in playing for the Winnipeg Emperors Hockey Club or would like more information, please contact

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