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2011 NHL Playoff Hockey Pool

Get ready folks! The NHL Playoffs are about to begin and the Winnipeg Emperors is hosting the following NHL playoff pool for the purposes of

a) making the playoffs more interesting,

b) to try and raise a little money for the team, and

c) bragging rights.

The rules and player selection sheet is available here:  2011 Winnipeg Emperors NHL Hockey Pool Entry Form

To summarize the rules:

1. Each entry is $10.
2. Each entry chooses one player from each group on the sheet.
3. At the end of the playoffs, the entry with the highest point total is the winner.
4. Points are as follows: goal = 1pt; assist = 1pt; goalie win = 2pts.
5. Tiebreakers (if necessary): 1) whoever has the most goals; 2) whoever has the most shutouts.
6. Winner of the pool wins 50% of the total pot, with the other 50% going to the Emperors.

Deadline for entry is 6pm this coming Wednesday, April 13th (before the first game starts).  Deadline for getting the entry fee in is the following Wednesday, April 20th, (to give time to people to get their money in.  Please consider entering AND getting as many of your friends/families/acquaintances as you can to enter.  The bigger the pot, the bigger the take home for the winner and the more we can put toward the team!

All player entries should be sent to me by e-mail (  If possible, please collect the entry fees from any of your contacts and you can get them to me at the next practice.

Thanks and let me know if you have any questions.


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