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2011 Asian Hockey Championships Recap

The Emperors started their planning for the 2011 Asian Hockey Championships in Toronto, Ontario 1 year ago.  After a year of practices, scrimmages and lots of planning we descended upon Toronto to show what Winnipeg was all about.  Here is a recap of all our games:

10pm – Wellcare Flyers, Win 3-1

First game of the tournament we played a very motivated team that had played 3 hours earlier but our very own Ryan Tsang scored 2 goals to get us over the Flyers.

1pm – Zero Fighters, Win 5-3
High flying offensive game.  Alvin sets the tone by coming out onto the ice with his skate guards still on. This lightened the mood and helped us all relax. =D . We played a very young and ethusiastic team, little did we know we would be meeting them again.

5pm – Gong Hei Phat Boyz, Win 3-2
Ottawa team that lead us 2-0 in the third period. Tied it up with under 3 minutes and Alvin Yambao takes the puck end to end for the winning goal.

9am – Ancient Chinese Secret, Win 5-2
Actually an 8am game for us still in a Winnipeg time zone. Good intensity. Got scoring from all lines. Rolled 6 D and 9 F as the tournament was taking its toll on our bodies.  Vinh N comes out with his skate guards to again lighten the mood and Sel Tse gets 2 goals to lead us to the win.

1pm – Ancient Chinese Secret, Semi-finals sudden death shoot out win, 3-2
Played a very motivated 4th place team that actually had the lead on us this was not the same team 3 hours earlier.  Went to overtime, solved nothing, Sean and Lou score during the shootout to win it for the Emperors. Nail biter!

4pm – Zero Fighters – Finals loss, 0-2.
Zero Fighters were flying and double shifted their star player #17.  Emperors defense keyed in on him and neutralized him. However we ran into their hot goaltender who was making unbelievable saves, in the end they got a squeaker past us and added an insurance goal with under 2 minutes left in the third.

Some of the team started to arrive early and take in the Hockey Hall of Fame and a Blue Jays game.  This team represented Winnipeg well as they felt they had a job to do as evidenced by the early bedtimes!  Highlights are: The Emperors’ Palace aka The Holiday Inn Express and of course the food!  $10 dollar dinners at Congee Wong including tip! Hainese chicken also dinner for under $10 at Phoenix followed by a trip to Destiny a 2 level bubble tea store and of course the final team dinner at Chako for an enormous Korean BBQ fest!

A 5-1 record is something we should be proud of for our first year. There is no doubt that we will be back for some unfinished business. Keep your eyes peeled to this site for updates!

Filipino Journal Article on the Tournament:

Top row L-R: Mike, Vinh N., Sel, Will, Allan, Stanley, Sean, Hugh, Alvin, Ron G.
Middle row L-R: Vinh H., Roby, Ryan, Lou, Ron C.
Front: Jeremy

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